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Corporate Branding

Business Headshots & Corporate Branding

What’s the difference between a business headshot and corporate branding?

I get asked this all the time, and while they may seem to be similar they are quite different and serve different purposes. It all depends what is the right solution for you.

The Business Headshot

In general, business headshots are just that and it helps to put a name to a face! A fairly simple photo shoot session only requiring a single backdrop or location and will be used to capture your top half. This type of shoot is around 30 minutes to an hour and will usually give you a few great shots, typically used by business owners who are just looking for a good image of themselves for their business web site or social media profiles. They are also ideal for company or corporate profiles on their team pages or even for print media.

Corporate Branding

Corporate branding or also known as personal branding is the next step up from a business headshot. These type of sessions take longer than a headshot session and will give you a much wider variety of images. You can usually expect a typical branding photo shoot to take up to four hours or even longer depending on your requirements. Unlike a headshot session, corporate branding can be carried out at multiple locations or using different backdrops. For these type of shoots, it’s not uncommon to also have a number of outfits which also help to expand the variety of your images. Corporate or personal branding is very versatile and can be used to brand yourself as an individual or portray your professional brand.

What's the best choice for me?

It really depends what you plan to use your images for, do you just need a business headshot to put a face on your business, or do you want to brand yourself and show your personality? You may need a bit of both! Either way I am happy to have a chat to discuss your options and help guide you so you can make the best possible choice for your needs.

Corporate Photography Pricing

What's Included:

Offering Individual or Group Sessions

Starting From $140

I provide a fixed price quotation in advance based on the information you provide.
A non-refundable retainer secures your session on my calendar.

A consultation via phone or email to discuss your needs
A professional session (Studio style or on location)
A personal guide on what to wear and bring to your session
A professional photographer to guide and pose you
High-end professional-grade cameras, lenses and lighting
Professional retouching and editing of your images
Option of full colour or black and white images
All images are provided in high quality and screen resolution
Option of additional images
Satisfaction guaranteed or I will reshoot at no charge
No studio branding or watermarks on final images
Password protected online gallery for proofing
Electronic delivery (2-3 Business Days)
If required any travel expenses will be included in your quote
I also have public liability insurance

Corporate Branding

Yes, I am open for business but your safety is my priority.

Talk to me about your photography needs and we can work out the best possible location for your shoot whether that’s at your home, office or an outdoor area such as a park of other open space.

I maintain strict hygiene and social distancing practices. There is no need for any physical contact during my photoshoots so you can rest assured I have your safety at hand.



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